Transit Simulation

Transit simulation testing is a process used to help ensure that products are delivered to end users in good condition. Items packed ready for shipping are subjected to a defined set of 'rough' handling procedures. The product is then subjected to QA testing. Transit simulation includes a variety of procedures with vibration being particularly relevant in medical and electronic industries.

MET has installed new vibration equipment to increase our capacity for testing to ISTA and ASTM standards. The regimes most frequently applied to medical devices are ISTA 2A and ASTM D 4169.

These overarching standards reference other standards for details for the testing. Transit Vibration Testing

These include:

Initial Manual Handling ASTM D5276

Loose Load Vibration ASTM D999

Vehicle Vibration ASTM D4728

Concentrated Impact ASTM D6344

Final Manual Handling ASTM D5276


Our transit simulation programme is frequently followed by sterile barrier testing for strength and integrity. It is also often combined with stability programmes to validate shelf life. This along with stability testing this programme allows our clients to ensure complete compliance with ISO 11607.